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Kelly's Code of Conduct

We are an establishment that wishes to cater for gentleman with refined taste and an international curiosity, that wish to share their valuable time with a beautiful and exotic lady. They are the type who will want to treat our ladies with respect and dignity and be grateful that she too wishes to share her conversation and skills and not put her in any position she may feel uncomfortable with. It is up to each lady as to what special services she may offer but in general our girls are traditional and wholesome.

Please do not arrive intoxicated or angry as you may be refused entry or asked to leave. Dress to impress as if you were on a real date the results may surprise you! This is not a prison so there are no rules about exchanging phone numbers or seeing each other outside but in general be aware that this is our ladies source of income and a place where they can feel comfortable and safe and is another life for them as well so it is best that we all keep it in the 'Forbidden City'.