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Secrets Of Having A Great Time

We are lucky in Australia that this service is legal. I have been sampling the delights of these premises both here and internationally for over 20 years. Times are changing and most in our society are accepting it as ok and some even see it is even beneficial. Some establishments who let unsafe sex practices prosper are doing the industry no good at all as with freedom comes responsibility.

I like all sorts of women white, Asian, black, Indian, European, my ‘kink’ if you would call it that is that I like to have a good time in the room and believe that my hostess is at least not resenting me for being there.

I don’t particularly like special services like anal or ask to have unprotected sex and believe that if you do this you are taking ridiculous risks with yourself especially in a paid environment as those services would be offered to all not just you. Best these are kept in the realms of a committed relationship where you can be reasonably sure serious disease will not be transmitted.

At Kelly’s only recently I believe I had some of the best sex of my life a true GFE with passion and lust on both sides that was unbelievable until we both sank exhausted, many minutes passing before either of us spoke.

Now before you go thinking we rode off into the sunset together within 10 minutes of us finishing she was pleasuring another man and judging by the number of people looking to repeat the experience she is great at her job. I truly believe that she really liked me and obviously absolutely loves sex and getting paid is just a great bonus and for that period of time I was hers and she was mine.

Unfortunately she has gone on holiday back to her country and I and I’m sure many others can’t wait for her return.

If you are visiting these establishments don't kid yourself as these ladies come here to earn. Most have come on student or temporary visas and the money they can earn is in multiples of what they can in their home country. So as much as they seem to really like you, don’t confuse this with that they may want to leave the profession and be with you exclusively. Some may be able to set themselves up for life in a very short time in this job but she will work very hard to do so.

Many have children and families they support overseas or some have huge debts, some gambling, some shopping habits and some even support a toy boy. So if you want to go further with someone go into it with your eyes open.

Of course if you offer to marry for their visa or you have lots of money they may love you but can you believe that it was for you or what they can get from you and if it is for money you better have lots if it is to match what they can make working.

Girls everywhere want their freedom to choose so these girls will have sex with you for money happily but choosing to be with your sex partner for free is different especially when they too can have so many different boys and get paid great money for it.

Most girls are resistant in getting into a relationship with a customer as the ensuing jealousies on both sides make it very difficult to last the distance.

Most girls would not do this in their home-country and many, not all do not wish someone of their own ethnic background as a customer as it is too close for them. They in this way can live another life a fantasy life in a far off land.

On a normal day a popular girl will have at least 10 appointments and on a busy day that will sometimes have double which makes them good money but they earn every cent. I am amazed that when I have a girl maybe at the end of the day she shows as much enthusiasm as if I was oasis after being lost in the desert.

If you think of it as a different world and learn and understand and have empathy for the hostesses you can have an awfully good time. I think very much that I have not had a proper girlfriend for quite a while because this is for the most part cheaper and much better.

Think of it week after week you can have a different girl who will do everything she can to have you come back but if you choose another she will not be jealous. Kelly usually sends her girls on rotation as a customer arrives so unless you specifically want someone or are not attracted to the one sent to meet you can have a true variety without embarrassment.

Get to know Kelly and give her feedback she will then choose the girls to stay that are shall we say enthusiastic about their work.

Don’t be cheap don’t try and pay for a massage and then be groping and trying to get sex for free they will become angry as it is insulting. Sometimes I have tried to tip and the girl refuses telling me to come back next time instead. Sometimes I have offered a longer time and been told to save my money and come back and see her sooner. Sometimes less is more.

Kelly’s is one of the least expensive establishments in Sydney and I think she aims to keep it that way. Kelly takes a very small cut so the girl is getting most of your money. The money you pay is for the girl’s time and although there is an expectation for sex, it does not mean that you own her or have a right to be rough or abuse her. My advice is to pay the money and then forget about it and imagine you are in bed with a normal date and treat her accordingly.

Try to look you best when visiting especially if you know and like the girl. It’s not the same as a date. You don’t get to listen to bullshit & you are going to get laid regardless but still a little romance goes along way.

If something goes wrong don’t fly into a rage it’s not cool, better you quietly exit and perhaps explain to Kelly later if you feel wronged. Asian people are not good with confrontation and face is especially important both for Kelly and the hostess.

Treat all girls with respect and tenderness and you will be surprised what will happen. If you are 60 years old and have a 20 year old hostess don’t kid yourself but enjoy that you can. If you are young don’t be an arsehole, the girls complain most about the young men being rude or overly drunk. Get over yourselves and use your youth, attractiveness and sexual prowess to show these girls how an Australian gentlemen acts.

Take your time let the girl lead you as to what she likes and what she is comfortable with. If you connect with someone come back a few times and develop your relationship with her. It may not last forever but the good memories will.

If your family, religion or social history has taught you that this is bad and you are ashamed of yourself for visiting places like Kelly’s then they are wrong and you by your actions and deeds should enjoy forbidden fruit without guilt because it is natural and the girls both are not forced to do it, they choose and they like. Freedom to choose and tolerance are the most fundamental benefits to living in Australia and allow people from different cultures to live together harmoniously. Those who seek to restrict other peoples’ freedoms or oppose their thoughts are just seeking control and it has no place in our society. I am so lucky that a delicate Asian flower would take me to bed and satiate me completely, for that alone I love Australia.

It doesn’t happen often but those who steal from the girls are just scum of the earth. If I am around I will absolutely thrash anyone who is caught doing so. They ruin it for the rest of us and give our country a bad name.

It is our responsibility as men to look after women, the more that we do the more they are willing and want to show their affection in a safe secure environment. Girls look past your looks and see your heart so make sure you put your best feature forward.

Thank you for reading and see you at Kelly’s sometime!